A journey to the heart of France with a selection
of well-known salamis from different region of France.

Let you try these authentic salamis !

Our products

  • bretagne-en

    Salami of Brittany

    • Natural white mould
    • Traditional recipe produced with sea salt from Guérande and large mincing in order to preserve meat softness.
  • Saucisson

    Fat reduced salamis

    • Natural white mould
    • An authentic salami produced with lean meat and without fat addition in order to savour a salami with 3 times less fat than in a traditional salami.
  • ancienne-2

    Old-fashioned recipes

    • Produced with french pork meat
    • Natural casing and natural mould
    • Large mincing and gourmand and traditional shape
  • basque2

    Chorizo basque with Espelette chilli

    A speciality from the french Basque country

    • Produced with Basque pork meat
    • Authentic Espelette chilli
    • Natural casing
    • Packed to preserve the look of the colour of the chorizo
  • saussissons-ardeche

    Salami from Ardeche

    Old made recipe:

    • Large mincing of fresh noble meat
    • Natural casing
    • Natural Grey mould
    • PGI salami from Ardèche
  • saussissons-savoie

    Salamis from Savoy

    • Wide range of small salamis 200g in natural casing
    • Long maturing
    • 16 different flavours (Beaufort, blueberries, Girolles mushrooms,…)
    • Old fashioned recipes in bigger sizes (400g up to 550g)
  • lyonnais

    La Rosette de Lyon

    • Natural white mould
    • Conical casing typical of Rosette
    • Long maturing
    • Noble meats and large micing
  • saussisson-auvergne

    Salami from the Auvergne

    • Old fashioned recipe
    • Tied to highlight the rustic character
    • Large mincing
    • Natural grey/ green mould